StriveScan Stealth Mode

Using Stealth Mode in the iPhone or Android apps allows Admin or Standard Users to limit the data that is stored on their devices.

When you put your device into Stealth Mode, you can scan at fairs, take notes, and collect student data, but you’re not downloading full student profile details to your device locally. (This is similar to Limited Users, but Limited Users cannot turn this off.)

While you’re in Stealth Mode, you also cannot export from the mobile app. You can always go back to the website and you’ve got your full controls, including exporting.

Stealth Mode is specific to a device. So you can have a work iPad operate normally, and use Stealth mode on a personal phone.

You can verify you’re in Stealth Mode with the banner that appears across the top of the screen.

Turn on Stealth Mode when you log in by checking the box. After you've logged in, you can turn on Stealth Mode from the Account tab.