If you scanned different types of people at the same event, your StriveScan export file will be a little different. For example, you scanned both students and counselors and parents, or domestic and international students, at a single event. 

When you export different types of people from the same event, StriveScan keeps the different data separate. You will receive individual CSV files for each registrant type. For example, there will be one file for students, one file for counselors, and one file for due to the different data fields that we collect. Each file name will be labeled to indicate the type of list. 

Downloads a ZIP file

The multiple export files are compressed, or "zipped," into a single file ending in .zip; this is called a "ZIP file." Opening the ZIP file will extract and reveal a folder with the individual .CSV files for each type of person.

Unzipping/extracting a ZIP file

To unzip (extract) the downloaded ZIP file:


  • Press and hold (or right-click) the folder, select Extract All, and then follow the instructions.

Instructions from Microsoft


  • Double-click the .zip file.

Instructions from Apple

Individual File Names

After you unzip the download file, the individual lists will have file names based on the event name and the type of person the list contains, for example:

  • USA: U.S. domestic students
  • PROFESSIONAL: Counseling professionals