StriveScan makes it easy and cost-effective to have multiple people use your StriveScan account from your institution. You can add other representatives who will be scanning at the same fair or different fair, or administrative/office staff who are responsible for exporting student data.

StriveScan's simple, flat-rate pricing includes as many users as you need. Every user of StriveScan should create their own login and profile.

Representatives on the same institution account can access the same unlocked fairs, share credits, and scan at the same fairs at no additional charge.

To add additional users to your account, send them an invitation

  1. Log into your Account on our website
  2. Click Team Members in the left menu
  3. Enter your colleague's email address, click Send Invite
  4. Your colleague will receive an email with a link to create their own login and profile.
  5. Your colleague can then download the StriveScan app (iOS or Android), log in, and scan. 
    Once your colleague has clicked on the link and created an account, their email address will move from the Mailed Invitations section to the Team Members list on our website.

If your colleague already created an account

If a colleague created their own, separate institution account and you wish for them to join yours, you can still send them an invitation. The next time your colleague logs into their account on our website, they'll be prompted to merge their institution account into yours. All of their credits, fairs, and scans will transfer with them. They will adopt your institution profile. 

Important notes:

  • Any of your team members can use your institution's credits to unlock fairs, scan at fairs, and view/export student data. 
  • When exporting student scans, the export file will identify which team member scanned each student. 
  • After the fair, each student you scan will receive an email report with the contact information of your institution, plus the contact information of the representative who scanned them. This makes it important for each person scanning to have their own account.

Here's how it looks: