StriveScan surveyed dozens of colleges about what student information is most important to them and for their CRM systems. We wanted to provide a quick and efficient student registration process, especially because many students register on their phones, but also did not want to miss out on critical data for the colleges. 

We took pains to balance the needs of colleges with the time and effort required by the student. Our focus is on providing sufficient contact information and details for a college to build a preliminary record and conduct further outreach.

As a result, the following information is provided in each export file. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required for the student to fill out during the registration process.  

Standard Export File for Fairs in the United States

Personal Information

  • Student's First Name*
  • Student's Last Name*
  • Email*
  • Phone*
  • Permission to Text: Yes or No*
  • Address 1*
  • Address 2
  • Address City*
  • Address State*
  • Address ZIP*
  • Birthdate*

High School and Academic Information

  • High School*
  • High School City*
  • High School State*
  • High School CEEB Code*
  • Graduation Year*
  • College Start: Semester Year*
  • GPA
  • GPA Maximum
  • SAT
  • ACT
  • Academic Area of Interest 1
  • Academic Area of Interest 2
  • Academic Area of Interest 3

Demographic Information

  • Ethnicity Cuban
  • Ethnicity Mexican
  • Ethnicity Puerto Rican
  • Ethnicity Other Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish
  • Ethnicity Non-Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish
  • Race American Indian or Alaskan Native
  • Race Asian
  • Race Black or African American
  • Race Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
  • Race White

In addition to the information the student provides, the college representative may also take notes on the conversation. The information is stored with the student's record and included in the export:

College Representative Notes
  • Rating: 1, 2, or 3 stars
  • Notes
  • Follow Up Flag
  • Student or Parent

Finally, we also provide information about when and where the student was scanned, the college representative who scanned the student, and when notes were updated.

Scan Metadata
  • Fair Name
  • Internal Event ID (if populated, user editable)
  • Scan Date and Time
  • Name of Representative Who Scanned
  • Notes Last Updated Date and Time

Academic Interests

StriveScan uses a standard list of majors supplied by the College Board. The list of all possible options is available in our Export File Guide (download link below) in the third tab. 

Fairs Outside of the United States or Other Fairs

Some fairs hosted by the Council of International Schools and Linden Educational Services utilized custom registration forms. As their registration form questions differ from our Standard U.S. registration form, so to do their export files. Many of the fields are similar with adjustments for the international audience.


Parent registration and scanning is launching in September 2021. Check back for more details.


High school counselors, IECs, CBO leaders, college/university representatives.

A separate export guide is coming soon. Check back for more details.

Download StriveScan's Export File Guide (XLSX) and Sample Export File (CSV)

The attached Export File Guide and Sample Export File below may be helpful when setting up your import template.

Export File Guide updated May 1, 2018