College representatives can still scan students even if there is no wi-fi or cellular data service. 

However, in order to create an account, purchase credits, unlock fairs, or export student data, you must have an internet connection.

Plan Ahead

Prior to attending a fair, you should:
  1. Download the StriveScan app
  2. Log into your account
  3. Unlock the fair you are attending
Once you have completed these steps, you can scan students even if there is no internet connection available.

At the Fair

If the fair does not provide wi-fi and you do not have a cell phone signal, you can still scan.

  • On iPhones and iPads, we recommend you scan using Quick or Turbo mode. 
  • Without an internet connection, you will be able to see the student's name, but not their full profile. You can still take notes and give the student a rating. This information will be saved and synced when you reconnect to the internet.

After the Fair

Once you've scanned students without an internet connection, you need to sync your scans:

  1. Reconnect to the internet (connect to wifi or find a spot where you have a cellular signal)
  2. Open the StriveScan app
  3. When the app is opened, it will automatically connect and sync your scans 
  4. Once the scans are synced, you can export your student list

We recommend you reconnect to the internet and open the app to sync your scans within 24 hours after the fair. This allows us to include you in the summary report we send to the students 24 hours after the fair. 

If you cannot reconnect within 24 hours after the fair, your scans are still saved, but your institution will not be included in the email report sent to the students.